Our Corporate Statement

Our mission is to convey our excitement for our works to the world!

We plan on achieve this by developing a service using NFTs that allows Japanese content creators to reach all of their global fans instantly. Through this service, we will create an ecosystem that gives back to its creators while delivering amazing creations worldwide.

We’re currently looking for people who would like to work with us to make this project a success. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to apply!

About Anique

Anique is a Japanese company that aims to make use of digital technology to create new ways to enjoy Japanese works like anime and manga. Our past projects include collaborations with popular works such as Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell and The Seven Deadly Sins. Our past experience with large IP holders in Japan has given us an understanding of how they prefer to work, and by working harmoniously with them we have strengthened our relationship.

In this way, we became the first company in Japan to successfully turn well-known Japanese works into digitally collectible art using blockchain technology.

There are several reasons why we chose to work with NFTs.

As mentioned previously, we strive to create new ways to enjoy Japanese works. NFTs are novel and unlike any other existing digital collectible, which makes it possible to build a completely new ecosystem between fans and creators.

Another positive to us is that NFTs are digital in nature, so unlike physical merchandise their condition does not deteriorate with time, and we can deliver them instantly to the hands (or computers) of anime fans all over the world. Additionally, since transactions on the blockchain are complete transparent and the code of the smart contract cannot be tampered with, it’s very easy to verify whether an NFT is officially licensed or a counterfeit.

Finally, blockchain technology also gives us an accurate way to track transactions, and thereby impart a return to content creators (even from secondary sales) and contribute to their future works.

We are however aware of the many concerns surrounding NFTs. With the mission of finding a safe and environmentally friendly chain in mind, we finally set our eyes on the Flow blockchain. Not only does Flow offer reliability as the chain that powers NBA Top Shot, it also uses up very little energy. Minting an NFT on Flow uses up less energy than one Google search or one Instagram post.

Attack on Titan: Legacy, built on the Flow blockchain, is our first platform dedicated to collecting NFTs, and our first step towards the new ecosystem that we envision between fans and creators.